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About Us - Outdoor Trail Maps LLC

Since 2017, Colorado-based Outdoor Trail Maps LLC has created superior outdoor navigation and mapping products for Colorado explorers.

Located in Centennial, Colorado, our mission is to provide trail-friendly outdoor navigation products and information - primarily for the hiking, backpacking, equestrian and hunting communities - to reduce the barriers to safely enjoying our beautiful natural spaces, from family excursions to the most adventurous treks. 

Our line of 45 waterproof, tear-resistant topographic hiking maps were designed as tributes to our public spaces in Colorado. From our 14ers to pristine wilderness areas, Colorado's public spaces are an incredible legacy for us to inherit. To help your experience: accuracy, completeness and ease-of-use are core principles in our design philosophy. Most of all, we hope that our products provide the key to years of backcountry exploration and adventure!

We here at Outdoor Trail Maps LLC are just getting started in creating the greatest navigation and mapping products for outdoor enthusiasts, and we welcome you along on our journey!

Will Jansen

Owner, Outdoor Trail Maps LLC